Strange Dream

I had a dream ere broke approaching dawn.
The stars were lost in the black of the night.
The sky had just its darkest cloak put on.
Gray dawn had not itself thrust into sight.
You were there, with your ripe mouth searching
The warmth of your soft body you gave me.
Shivers ran through my groin, convulsed my spine
As pleasure turned my fullest feelings free
While my feelings built to a seething storm.
The dream was so real that I felt your hand;
My skin felt the hint of your touch so warm;
My arms around your body formed a band;
The strongest thing I've ever felt, 'twould seem;
My mouth was dry, but oh! , not so, my dream.

by James Walter Orr

Comments (2)

This is autumn magic! ! ! Stunningly written! ! ! !
This poet is my Great great great grandfather