Books litter the bed,
leaves the lawn. It
lightly rains. Fall has
come: unpatterned, in
the shedding leaves.

The maples ripen. Apples
come home crisp in bags.
This pear tastes good.
It rains lightly on the
random leaf patterns.

The nimbus is spread
above our island. Rain
lightly patters on un-
shed leaves. The books
of fall litter the bed.

by James Marcus Schuyler

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i like the quiet feel, the patterned structure, and the envelope closure of this piece. nice. -glen kappy
This correlation in between the natural bed of the fallen leaves and the bed littered with books, when the reader may see only the movement of the books while ignoring the presence of the human being (as in a transformed cliche) , this correlation suggests that the books are the source of wisdom. In the fall, nature reaches its maturity being prepared to die. Every fall is unique each year, it is ''unpatterned''. The maturity of nature is very well suggested by the fruits, in the second stanza. The parallelism between the rain, the falling leaves, and the falling books on the bed leads the reader to the idea of sadness in front of death, which is a stopper for this attitude toward reading. The poem starts with ''Books litter the bed, /leaves the lawn.'' The green of lawn means life. This poem ends with ''The books/ of fall litter the bed.'' These books belong to the fall of life.
Lovely portrayal of the changing season with the onset of October. Thanks. ]]] Fall has / come: unpatterned, in / the shedding leaves The books / of fall litter the bed.
Lovely poem. Elegant simplicity.
An enjoyable observation....nice words...nice poem- 10
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