October Seventeenth, Nineteen Hundred &Amp; Ninety-Six

A light arose from each wire
Line by line all were chose as a vehicle for love
Now they are covered in the Living Blood
Glory, mercy now appears covering the world endeared
Could this be the internet, line by line I bet
A Light of every living hue and the Living Word too
Surf boards now heard worldwide
Now look as Angel wings are seen, haloes of the redeemed
Could this be Jesus Christ's next scene
Hear the hands line by line, coasting Living Wine
Could this be Christ surfing free
Now the Living Water and healing was seen
Could this be the net, worldwide I bet
Water lilies, roses, and peace appealing to all of these
Covered in the Blood, Wires handed from God above
Salvation that blooms and Fills every room
Do you see the Living Wave, and a surfer saved
Line by line Jesus endeared, handing out surfers gear
He's touching souls for you to see, even me with a poem for free
A worldwide net, grace and mercy have you met
Jesus is my guess
Light and wires as we surf
A board is required, line by line inspired
Computer wires, church attire, and a poem in depth
AMEN, Internet.

by Julie Ann Morris

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Nice Poem Julie, keep it up!