O hushed October morning mild,
Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;
Tomorrow's wind, if it be wild,
Should waste them all.
The crows above the forest call;
Tomorrow they may form and go.
O hushed October morning mild,
Begin the hours of this day slow.
Make the day seem to us less brief.
Hearts not averse to being beguiled,
Beguile us in the way you know.
Release one leaf at break of day;
At noon release another leaf;
One from our trees, one far away.
Retard the sun with gentle mist;
Enchant the land with amethyst.
Slow, slow!
For the grapes' sake, if the were all,
Whose elaves already are burnt with frost,
Whose clustered fruit must else be lost—
For the grapes' sake along the all.

by Robert Frost

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For me it's obvious that the poem is more about our dear people, leaving us. The older we are, entering into our autumn, the more dear ones and friends we lose. We can only pray, Please, not so fast! Slow, please! My mum is 90 and almost all her friends are gone. It's so sad! I wish this version had less misprints.
Hearts not averse to being beguiled, He wants only two leaves to be shed. he wants sun to be retarded.he wants time to move slow.
Come October and the change in season is more than visible. The morning breeze has this message splashed all around. Great poem. To quote a few lines: Make the day seem to us less brief. Retard the sun with gentle mist;
I love Robert Frost (that's why I made him keeper of the gate in my poem POETRY HEAVEN) , but this version of the poem is full of errors. Sunprincess already corrected them almost three years ago [see her comment below], yet Poem Hunter has done nothing to fix them. A travesty. Come on, Poem Hunter, fix the mistakes already!
A great poem to read as I sit by my picture window looking out on the October trees- he was such a favored poet, favored with a searching mind, a sensitive heart, and boundless literary talent
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