Odd Bods And Treacle Tins:

Matchbox cars, and three sisters
Plastic sandals and whipping tops
Fresh cut grass and summer nights
Falling leaves, cobwebs captured in the frost
Snowflakes falling, fire roaring
Jim Reeves singing, Santa on the tree
A feeling of Christmas.

New blazers, compass in my shoe
Tracker shoes and red squirrels
Hospital trips and broken bones
Bobby Brewsters’ shadow
Dainties in the pantry
Peanut butter on wonderloaf
Grease-proof paper
The odd bods and treacle tins

Knock door run, conkers, fag cards
Climbing trees, brook-jumping
Park-keeper bating
Trolleys, splits, supercar
Big-brother bating
Blocks of splintered wood
Queues at the coal yard
Winter of 63

Toffee apples and trupnee bits
Grandads shopping list
Sterodent and five-woodbines
Gentle coughs and falling books
These odd bods and treacle tins
release my Precious memories

by Adrian Wait

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