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Today I looked up in the sky
And saw some clouds drifting by
And lazy thoughts running round in my head
Kept coming back to something I read
The words they are simple but carry great weight
Truth, Life, Liberty and fate
I look at each cloud as it passed me by
And my wishes I deposited with each try
Like catching the ring on a merry-go-round
Sending you truth, much life abound
Then I sent liberty, the freedom to choose
And with that the hope with nothing to loose
I give you my word, my hand, my heart
And the fate? That we never will part
Until the time comes when we leave this earth
And enter the heavens as a new birth
And when that day comes I will introduce you to
the man who was first in my life before you
how special am I to have in this world
a Dad and a Father all together and curled
into one life each one giving me gifts not bought
some little, some quite a lot
one gave me a happy childhood and more
the other gave me life and much to look for
with each I am searching and hoping to find
who I am the quest of all mankind
but I think I have found what I really never lost
and that is our paths did cross
for I am a better person I know
because of what you and him did bestow
to a small child named Candie Lynn
patience, love, truth, strength to begin
and always these traits shall remain
until the day I am called up above
no regrets, no worries, no unfinished love
I will go knowing I did and I was...

(September 2004)

by Candie Saldana

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