(1672-1719 / England)

A Moment Can'T Be Forgotten

</>When you wake up at 6 O'clock Am, and take a look from your window
You see an amazing sight, a beautiful light makes the sky glows

You feel a power comes when you inhale the breeze of the dancing flowers
You hear the sound of the singing birds even if they are on a high tower.

you hear the angels whispering in your ears.
You begin to cry from touching the sky happiness.
Then you find a cute child wiping your tears.
you see a light of hope, with beuatiful colours, and cute faces.

The sun hiding behind the rainbow
The sky snowing violently like a blow

A moment just when I wake and feel it,
I wish I could back in time again to feel it.

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Thank you 🙂🌻🌹
In reason's ear they all rejoice And utter forth a glorious voice, For ever singing, as they shine, The hand that made us is Divine What a fantastic flight of imagery?
lovely poem. a pleasure to read. in the silence of night divine is heard.
A very beautiful poem of faith. I am surprised I have not seen this published often in anthologies. It's a smooth read, the language isn't offputtingly archaic, and those celestial images are truly magnificent and other worldly!
A superb song unfolding the sequence of nature's amazing manifestations and the great work entrusted to Sun as well as other starts in the constellation by it. Thanks for sharing it here.
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