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Ode De Angela - The Best D. O. I Know

I really don't know much about Angie's past,
She told me one day while she was treating me,
That she was from West Virginey,
And that she went to Marshall University,

Angie is not a bit skinny or shy you see,
Matter of fact she is quite pretty to me.
But more than that she is the best D.O. in the world,
For she really cares for her patients,
And treats them like real people and not like Createans.

Angie, is very knowledgable of the Art of Doctoring,
And she always takes pains to check her palm computer,
To make sure that the drugs she prescribes,
Do not have an adverse interaction like pewter.

Angie, has great bedside manner,
She jokes with her patients when appropriate,
Why she even told me after I said my ankle was dirty,
Don't worry, David, I stick this finger up butt-holes all day long,
And it doesn't even make me cherty.

Angie, you have renewed my faith in medicine again,
And healed me of many of my maladies,
I will miss you as I travel onto my next 'Plateau, '
The Woman who reminds one of Patch Adams.
Who could be her sweet beau.

And so as I part company with thee,
I bid you adieu and God Speed.
May you live long and prosper in this world,
And save many struggling travelers with their medical load.

'And some day yonder,
When we cease to ponder,
What this life has brought to view, '
May you treat and be with me in heaven fair,
Beyond the bright azure blue.

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I like the simplicity of this poem. It is wonderful when you are able to draw inspiration from those chance meetings and aquantinces in your life. It shows that even the smallest meeting or relationship truely does have an impact. Thanks for this one. -Leigh