Like Every Other Life Form

Like every other life form us humans born to die
This is one of the facts of life though i wish it were a lie
On how long anyone does live there is no guarantee
The oldest person i have ever known died at one hundred and three
All she had gone to school with the life from them long gone
But she clung to life right to the end she wanted to live on
Few do live to be this old but it does seem a strange thing
That those who honor dead heroes to life themselves do cling
But it is not how old you live to be but how well you do live
And the happiest people in the World are those willing to give
Support to those in need of it and in return they receive
A sense of joy in their acts of kindness on this i do believe
We are all on a life journey that does come to an end
Like every other life form why otherwise pretend.

by Francis Duggan

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