Ode From A Skull To Its Master

Who but Yourself-Your Mushroom Ambassador-
engorges His way each New Moon through this,
my Bleached-White Pearly Gate?

I thirst for the touch of the dew from Your Tongue
upon my Dusty Palate;

and the times (so long ago) when You held me from afar
and teased me, said: 'Alas poor Yorick, I blew him well! '
How my Jaws did clatter in hilarity over that one, eh,
My Dearest Little NecroChipmunk!

My Spine (somewhere) tingles at the thought of expecting
Your Manhood at any moment, to fill my Jaws
with Living Throbbing Flesh...

like a blowfish without the pricklies

(not like the one that made its home in my Left Eye Socket
after I fell overboard into the deep, deep blue;
for I was a pirate in that life.)

How unhappy I was at first, upon finding myself
washed ashore back on dry land,
some centuries later!

(No one bothered me down there,
so I fell into a seemingly-eternal state of
catatonic oceanic bliss. Aaargh!)

But when destiny finally showed me
the Skullmate chosen to violate my Cranium
to Kingdom Kum:

I praised Our Creator and grovelled at His
Sparkling Polished Hooves!

For He showed me how wondrously my Proud Forehead,
Bone Ridges, Projections and Arches
are all perfectly wrought to the fit
of Your Pelvic Structure,
and Your Pelvic Structure alone!

No other Engorged Member on earth will ever find
a more perfect home in my Skull's Pie Hole,
Eye Hole, Ear Hole (or Any Hole)
than your own Living Rod of Aaron.

I am Yours, I am Yours, Beloved, I am Yours!
Keep me always in a safe dry place,
and I promise:

Many lives' enjoyment humping the Beelzebub out of my
Handsome Hungry Slurpy Lurpy Gurpy Goopy Loopy Snooky Wooky Happy Face.

Sugar Lips

by Ezekiel Krahlin

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wow i am a fan of your poems and the approach you used in this one is perfect.