The Final Goodbye

In a way we were both at fault.

You for the abuse in this friendship...
And me for accepting it instead of standing up for whats right.

Now that we're done there is no sorrow,
Simply bliss.

This was never ment to last,
I have what it takes to move on,
Holding onto what I have.

I'm gone

by Lauren Ellis Leung

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I am uneasy with the addition of a girl child to the list of women succoring the men in the last four lines of the preceding stanza... probably just me misinterpreting....
You are not alone, John. As usual, I totally agree with everything you said.
The first and last verses are conceptually genius. The inner verses, though, absolutely destroy what could have been an incredibly wonderful poem. I understand the concept of being swept off one's feet, as love or a magic carpet can do... but what is an antique window in space? Or cataract crystal floes? The reason I have never been a particularly strong fan of modern poetry is the use of such gibberish devices as these, where the author finds some intrinsic auditory/aesthetic value in non-sense words that have absolutely no meaning what so ever. And my lifelong dread has been that others find artistry in such things, yet I do not. I believe this is not artistry, but rather laziness. The king is naked, and I apparently am alone in saying that.
...setting the smiles on fire in men's faces... What a great line. Scarfe was born in South Shields, a fact not particularly trumpeted by the town which should be extremely proud of him