Whispering Song Sings

The trees have eyes
the wind sings a song
natures fury, men carry
where it doesn't belong.

In the valley of the Redbud, two mountains kiss.
From the base of that rock flows a spring.
There's a legend around here about the place.
That's called Whispering Song Sings.

They say in these parts lived a maiden.
Of a beauty both of face and of heart.
She lived in a time both savage and raw.
Yet of neither did she take part.

Some called her 'ghost child', an angel we'd say.
She was different as she walked thru life.
Her presence carried joy and healing.
Her voice settled issues of strife.

As white settlers entered the valley.
They bore gifts to entice the 'red men'.
They also bore some kinds of illness.
Causing death to be carried on the wind.

In the camp where Whispering Song dwelt.
Sickness came with a vengence indeed.
As a healer she went from tent to tent.
Tending her people in their time of need.

With spring came a whisper of hope to camp.
Seemed fewer fell ill each day.
They hoped the Great Spirit had heard them.
And had driven the bad spirit away.

Just as the last soul was tended.
Whispering Songs skin shone ashen grey.
The camp began to chant for thier healer.
Yet she died before end of day.

When her spirit left and moved upward.
It seemed joy had gone with her voice.
Till they came to the valley of the Redbud.
There they found cause to rejoice.

As the women bent gathering water.
From the rock they first heard the sound.
In the sway of the Redbuds and gurgling spring.
Whispering Song's presence was found.

As in life she had cared for them tenderly.
With the gentle touch of her hand.
Where the sweet water poured out for them.
Her spirit seemed to walk the land.

The blossoms held the scent of Whispering Song.
The ferns waved on the wind like her hair.
Her presence breathed hope into her people.
They heard Whispering Song sing there.

Many people swore they could see her.
Generations passed the legend along.
As they pass through the valley of the Redbud.
They still look for Whispering Song.


by cheryl davis miller

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