Ode Of Aya-I Am Back

Its nice to see the sunrise as we wake up from the
morning kiss.
Its from the anxious night thinking of a love been
away, near but far to see.
I visit my innocent past and look what happens
they are all there, patiently waiting and happy
Its a feeling to have them close in one second
which make me full of life.

Now, my sleep as if am not dreaming but alive in
thier thoughts.
Knowing every day is a love for me and those so
close to my heart,
Never I say how I miss to think of them for it feel
like a whole part of me is lost.
Knew me well, am learning to feel and be more
kind to every way.

I love you and the reason is love
I live and this is real
I am back to mend which are broken
I am here always stay forever

by AyA AlforqueyAlfeche

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