TP (22 03 48 / Teesside)

Ode Of Shelly

Shelly is the barmaids name,
Pulling pints is her game,
Her consistent rabbit drives you mad,
In the lounge of the Highland Lad,
All the lads the big spenders,
Should be given ear defenders,
Her mouth just goes on and on,
Like a bloody Asteron,
She likes to smoke the brand OP’s,
Borrows them from all she sees,
At this game she’s an old lag,
Do you want a pint? Can I borrow a fag?
When she finished after work,
Shelly is no common flirt,
Round the bar and with the lads,
Tapping drinks as well as fags,
Knocking back the drinks so fast,
We wonder if she can last,
But she can go on and on,
Like a bloody Asteron,
Shelly with the rusty hair,
Do we worry, do we care,
All that’s written is a farce,
The barmaid with the big fat arse,
And the big fat beer belly,
That’s the girl our barmaid Shelly.

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