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Ode Of The Taxi Driver

A taxi driver full of woe,
The punter don’t know where to go,
Full of booze and brain dead,
Does not know which way to head,
Then she say’s just take me home,
Where is that this side of Rome?
You should know you bloody freak,
You took me home just last week,
Been in this car and in the back,
Or one just like it I know its black,
A yellow sign on the top,
So hurry up and dropp me off,
Take me home she yells at me,
I’m busting for a bloody pee,
The driver takes off down the rank,
Up the high street past the bank,
Opens the door sets her free,
Pointing to the lavatory,
Into gear and off like a rocket,
With her five quid in his back pocket,
Back to the rank for another prat,
Easy money just like that.

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Taxi poet I like your poem well penned
hey this is good one...