My emotions get to me
they run me into sorrow
in my troubles of tomorrow
that's why i don't boast about the next day
because tomorrow has its own worries
you shouldn't let feelings control you
because they will take over you in a second
faster than you blink
and quicker than you think
the heart is such a bittersweet part
but my emotions and my feelings set far apart
away from the love
but closer to the hate
i wish i can make that line more thicker than thinner
because its easy to cross over from love to hate
don't let people control you by making you mad
by saying stuff that makes you sad
and make you feel worthless with all that you had

by Joshua Merchant

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What i wantttt summary not poem dicto at all
I feel suicidal now 😢
Really impressive and plunging me in an unseen world
very nice. great, excelleent. i like it
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