Ode On The In Service Course

(for PGTs First Spell)May 2017)

Dedicated to DC KVS RO Chennai, Course Director, Associate Course Director, Venue Director, Guest Speakers, Resource Persons, Technical Assistants and Participants

Thou, a bower, fragrantly decked with words,
Meant for utopian culture, free from prejudices,
Embroidered with unseen melodies sung by countless birds:
Cuckoos visited thy chamber, perfected with their syllables,
Song birds hovered o'er thee, drenching with tuneful numbers,
Nightingales floated ‘cross thy bosom, painting with droplets of fantasy.

Behold! Thou wert the oasis with springs around thee - -
A sojourn, unthinkably, Cinderella's realm of joy,
A real paradise with cool waters made,
All the way away from dreary culture of routines,
Thou had offered us ambrosia and honey.

Thou wert a stage, a way shown with enactments,
A canopy thou wert, sheltered each of logos rendered,
Timeless utterances, dramatic gestures engraved on thee,
Embroidery of nature thou wert with shining stars.

West Wind wert thou with sweeps of wit,
And thy witty hits and hugs struck all the minds.
Thou wert the engine of Nature, transforming seeds to plants.
Thou worked well with leaves and blossoms.
Behold! Thou the orchestral arena of its dream of music,
Each of thy syllables sang a lullaby to dream,
And the dream thou offered transformed the listeners.

Thou art like Keats' Grecian Urn exquisitely adorned,
And each of thy engravings tells the story of anecdotes:
Clouds dancing, sprinkling stars and the rising sun.
Thou sprinkle joy, sharing amongst Nature's gifts,
Ineffably unforgettable lasting till the day meets ‘gain.

MBJ PANCRAS PGT KV No 1 Vijayawada

by MBJ Pancras

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