Achieving The Impossible

Watching as sounds vibrate through colors of the rainbow,
showing their truths and honesty through the beauty of
their sparkling essence in the darkness.

An uplifting experience that gives an energy and titilla-
ting wonder of a lasting opportunity in this temporary
life here on earth.

Wondering and stepping into lights of sensations that
soar and fly around an interior intellect, collecting and
combining them with abstracts.

Unbelievable and wonderful statutes of godly atmospheres,
flowing and achieving the impossible in annals of history,
traveling through tunnels looking for hidden relics that
may hold answers to this time of life that I'm living.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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Lovely cheese, Gromit!
My favourite poem! Not many people choose to write about cheese. We here a lot about wine, bread and meat. Cheese is the forgotten comestible. I salute thee, Mr MacIntyre
goat cheese is the queen cheese