Breffne Caoinc

NOT as a woman of the English weeping over a lord of the
Do I weep—
A cry that scarcely stirs the heart!
I lament as it is in my blood to lament—
Castle and stronghold are broken,
And the sovereign of the land beside the lake lies dead
Mahon O'Reilly!
In his day the English were broken:
I weep beside Loch Sheelin and the day is long and grey!

by Padraic Colum

Comments (3)

this is amazing how your poem takes you from pens to girls and it all actaully makes sense. grr i hate it when my pens run out. :) you're not alone with that at least.
I love this. The form is fun and informal but the subject is actually quite sad. It disarmed me.
was your pen a Dorothy Parker hey hey