Ode To A Burger

Crispy, Soft,
Warm and sweet.
Take me now,
Oh precious meat.

I caress the spongy,
Crispy exterior.
Now that I’m with you,
Other food seems inferior.

I take a small bite,
Your taste, I savor.
My personal drug
Is your flame-broiled flavor.

I finish the burger.
Our love, I conclude.
My bliss turns to sadness.
I need some more food.

by Jeremiah Prince

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Comments (2)

lol they do say that hunger is never far away, no matter how many you eat JP! This was most amusing. Are you state side because you do them best. Smiling, thinking, who needs a burger when you have steak just up the street! lol Tai
A fantastic poem of alliterations and food.