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Ode To A Chicken Nugget

O my feathery friend,
Some wicked mans hands,
Have grasped your throat,
That Jack the Ripper,
Has turned you into a Chicken Dipper!

O my feathery friend,
For you life was short,
But now you are gone,
And i too feel like i should die,
For they have turned you into chicken pie.

O my feathery friend,
Now i must say goodbye,
And hope in my heart,
The chicken god is your host,
For now you are sunday roast!

by Nick Hilton

Comments (4)

Nick, you continue to write brilliant poems. After reading your poems on Chickens, I think I am going to turn vegetarian - not even eggs!
Hi Nick...yes...this put a morning smile on my face. I thank you. Now...somewhere, today, I must pick up some chicken nuggets...or perhaps some golden, crisp fried chicken...or perhaps....see...ya got me going... Lare Austin
This being my first experience of the Hilton Odes, I have to say - it's put a grin on my face!
Nick, my boy, you really must stop. You're beating this (hilarious) theme into the ground.