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Ode To A Chicken Nugget
NH ( / London)

Ode To A Chicken Nugget

Poem By Nick Hilton

O my feathery friend,
Some wicked mans hands,
Have grasped your throat,
That Jack the Ripper,
Has turned you into a Chicken Dipper!

O my feathery friend,
For you life was short,
But now you are gone,
And i too feel like i should die,
For they have turned you into chicken pie.

O my feathery friend,
Now i must say goodbye,
And hope in my heart,
The chicken god is your host,
For now you are sunday roast!

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Comments (4)

Nick, you continue to write brilliant poems. After reading your poems on Chickens, I think I am going to turn vegetarian - not even eggs!
Hi Nick...yes...this put a morning smile on my face. I thank you. Now...somewhere, today, I must pick up some chicken nuggets...or perhaps some golden, crisp fried chicken...or perhaps....see...ya got me going... Lare Austin
This being my first experience of the Hilton Odes, I have to say - it's put a grin on my face!
Nick, my boy, you really must stop. You're beating this (hilarious) theme into the ground.