# Ode To A Dew

O Morn Sun!
Behold! My dew is now sleeping

She is a baby whom my Nigh has born
Inside the womb of my flower
Her fragrance, her love!
Her solace for an ephemeral joy!

Behold! Please listen to the soft murmur of charming Honeybee
How she plays with her
How she puts her inside a sleep so dreamy
Music soft in melody
The sweet nectar flowing around in all glee
My sweet Honeybee!

Watch and be not audacious!
Your glory now subdued
Inside such care
Such love
Do not be so audacious!
Your glory inside a Rainbow within my baby dew
Your triumph larks in dancing rays kissing her not a few
Till Nigh will embrace your last hue.

14.04.10 Shamik Bose Calcutta

by Shamik Kumar Bose

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