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Ode To A Family
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Ode To A Family

The man stood stately in the crowd
Above the roar you could hear him loud
Wait for me for I'll return
I have a few bridges I must burn

The tears were flowing down her cheek
She could not move, her knees were weak
He made her a promise 'I'll be back again'
As his foot raised up and he boarded the train

He opened a window for one last call
I love you my darling I'll be back to you all
She held her belly and said'we do too'
And he said 'if its a girl name her Betty-Lou'

She watched as the train slowly chugged away
She held her sons hand and began to pray
Lord give us strength to bear the load
It's going to be a mighty long road

The train disappeared along the track
She could hear the toot as she turned her back
The sound went quiet as if closing a door
Her man had left and went off to war

Through hardships and strife she managed to cope
Of his return is all she could hope
The day finally came, the fighting was done
He will soon be home and they will be as one

A joyous day when they met at the train
The same one that took him brought him back again
Times were still hard for the war left its mark
But together they did it, they were tough as bark

A son then a daughter, the family was growing
The potatoes are planted, the garden needs hoeing
Two more girls and then finally a son
With seven in all there was plenty of fun

Our father cut wood to keep us fed
Times were tough and we all shared a bed
Hats off to our mother who was tough as nails
To raise seven kids and listen to wails

A memory I know thats a favorite to all
Is when dad would sit down against the wall
With broom in hand and big baggy pants
He tapped on the floor and made the devil dance

There was one thing they didn't foresee
Was to give us a name all starting with B
When one got in trouble and mom got irate
Every B in the house got called to the plate

A kitchen range and a stove that was old
Kept us warm when the days got cold
Not only to mention the smell that arose
the aroma of homemade bread filled our nose

Hand me down shoes didnt crimp our style
We grew up knowing how to walk a mile
Thanks to our parents who did their best
One by one we all left the nest

Each of us now has our memories of old
We carry them with us as our life starts to fold
Each has a different story to tell
Of life on the farm that we all knew so well

The war had spared this man to live
To make people laugh and always ready to give
His life was full but now he is gone
And the memory of him will always live on

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