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Ode To A Frozen Timepiece
(1967- / Homestead, Florida)

Ode To A Frozen Timepiece

Funny now, the painted scenes of love abound
That stricken tick, persistent, pleasing measure
Done its final dance around, and now its final sound
To hills of shadows passing, glinting skies to eyes azure

To you, my darling dove, oh tattered queen of yesteryear
There is no harsher justice, as the mountain snows recede
Possessed are we of sweet decrees, those locks of album hair
Cold and unforgiving Mistress, marking moments - do proceed

Funny how the autumn leaves play floating in the valley stream
When yesterday they reached majestic to the thin and wispy sky
The dawn that was forever yields herself her precious time
As one-by-one our friends resign to overtones of where they lie

To the point of conversation, to the strange, conjunctive bind
We find ourselves, then lose ourselves, and labor, circle-wise
This journey, but a moving picture, lost upon us, dumb and blind
Anchored fast to harbor bottoms as the seas begin to rise

Funny vow, to promise time through sick and harvest thin
When it has frozen to the maize and barley, dearest sleepy one
Peel-by-peel the onion skin reveals each act of grace and sin
Until the tick of halted hands surcease the setting sun

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Comments (2)

Kelly-Outstanding work-of all the many lines that I love, fitting together like the movements of an old clock, I think I best love....Possessed are we of sweet decrees, the locks of album hair....love the little details that mark the passing time and memories kept alive. I also think the Roman numerals at the head of each stanza is a nice clock face touch. Phillip
wow, I am put to shame. Bravo