(April 19th 1992 til infinity. / Monterey Park. Raised in H.H.)

Ode To A Meal Of Life

I took in all I could
Flavors of what life offered
Taste that could turn your tongue around
Dissatisfying sensations like explosions
Starting each reaction around 7 in the morning
Ending every night randomly with dinner
Digesting as if I were reborn in my sleep

Dreams influenced by the senses felt before rest
Today I flew tomorrow I blew up
Into a million pieces of glass
Reflecting the fates I have devoured
Meals become endless hopes to try something new
Eventually my taste buds begin to expire

Dying and lying on the dry tongue
Saliva surfacing to fight past fleeting times
Oh how the good times pass by so quickly
The great moments forgotten so easily
Oh how the sad times bring us misery
The worst moments devastating our savory

The dish we lovingly pick at
Ode of the lovely homely delicacy
The positivity of creation of a cook
A chef so-called the creator
This ode to life
Its fresh warm smell attracts all

The lively breathing behavior emitted
Oh this ode to life
This plate full of experiences
But what is at the end of this dish?
The last bit of taste?
Is it sweet, bitter, sour?

It is to our hearts content
Personally though, it is bitter-sweet
It is spiced with the death of it all
Our tribute ends as the spoils rot
Sure the meal has been fine but the last crumb ended
With nothing more than a bitter spite

Leaving a lusting hunger for the past felt
Causing us to be grateful for life
Allowing us to cherish and live life
This life is more than a meal
Our gluttony may have spent it to the last
But we pay for it as we must
Ode to life we continue to its savory last bite

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anothny...hi i started non plussed...but ended up reading it twice its actiully a very very nice poem....deep and fresh atonce i loved it its cheers and ten from me