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Ode To A Pencil
SJM ( / )

Ode To A Pencil

Sharp on one end
Rubber on th' other
Useful for writing
Like no other.

Not a quill and ink
For parchment or papers
Nor a scribe for stone
On which to chase ltr's.

Graphite or dyes, not lead
Are th' reasons
A mark survives
In all seasons.

But the rubber end serves
Us most well
When errors imparted
‘R not permitted to dwell.

Use of pencils (or pen and ink)
And sundry supplied
Are here to stay as words
To paper are best applied.

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Comments (3)

I feel that if one can write about a pencil, then one can write about anything. I myself, have to be impassioned about something to write about it. And I have not too often been, impassioned about a pencil. Except to get angry that it kept on breaking. LOL.. Good Write..
As economical and crisp as a line drawn with a good pencil, Sidi. There's a hint of Betjeman in the affectionate wit and the boundless flow.
I don't understand why someone gave you such a low rating as 1. I gave you 8 which brought it up to 4.5. People should say what they don't like rather than give good poetry such low ratings. I enjoyed this very much.