Ode To A Rainy Day

Pitter patter -what's the matter?
Can't go out and play?
Pitter patter - getting madder -
Hate this rainy day;
Thunder, lightning - it's so frightening!
Let's go run and hide,
Find a place that's warm and cozy -
Leave the storm outside;
Splish splash - lightning flash!
Between the drops of rain,
Tumbling like a waterfall
Down the window pane;
Something sort of comforting
Listening to the rain -
Pitter patter, skitter skatter -
Like my thoughts today -
Washing out the cobwebs
Is refreshing - let's go play!

by Linda Ori

Comments (6)

Linda, That was just fun! Did I mention that it's sweet ? I won't speak for you, but, that's the kind of thing that gets me in trouble! B.V.A.
Very Onomatopoeic. That's what make you a poet and me a distant aspirant. You can pull these stunts out of the hat with ease. You wrote, and these quality poets beneath came along and made complimentary comments. I'm just happy to have my name under this very fine poem with theirs! xx jim
I must be one of those Rainy Day People about whom Gordon Lightfoot was singing. There's something soothing concerning rainfall, and I do some of my best writing on rainy days. Linda, you've got a bit of all right happening here.
your tempo is marvelously paced with great playfullness and charm; you carefully avoid being rote or too mechanical. a real gem. -Tailor
linda...i loved it...the old nursery rhyme! ! ! ...you made a beauty out of it...the only thing i would suggest is- could you make it a 2 stanza one...break it where you changed the format and brought yourself into the poem...at 'Tumbling like a waterfall' maybe? ...love...nalini
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