NB (12/25/1975 / Armenia)

Ode To An Avenger- Tara King

There is simply one thing missing,
Maybe it should be catwoman hissing.

No, Batman or Robin, when I think of TV,
There is only one person it could be,

She was the new girl on the block,
She was left to run, kick, and fight,
She had big shoes to fill,
However, that isn't why I remembered her over The rest,
I simply remember her as the best.

She was Agent 69,
A professional,
Unlike the ones that came before,
She had an alure and youth,
Pleasant to look at and way too cute.

My favorite show was It Was Done With Mirrors,
For her sake I was very glad it wasn't leap year,
She was professional through and through,
And now, If I rememeber how much I liked
Then, do you think I will like her again?

by Nadalia Bagratuni

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