Ode To An Instrument

Poem By Patrick Tolan

Like lost lovers
We touch for the first time in what seems like an age
You and I together, we were made for the stage
Unzip the bag, let you out your cage
Strings are too loose, leaves me in a rage
I hold you in my arms, a beautiful sight
As one, we’ll rock some souls tonight!
“Oh not again” a string is too tight
If I can get you in tune then we just might…
Nothing amazing but the melody is astounding
Upon each fret I am caressing not pounding
A once departed crowd, is now surrounding

I love you my friend, of wood and metal
I love your neck, your head, body and pedal
And not 145 words can say it all
To put you away is still painful
‘Till the next time, my lifeless, loving, lamenting

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are you having with a guitar lol.

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