Ode To Being Five (Children)

I made a paper Valentine
all red and edged with lace.
And on my paper Valentine,
I drew a pretty face.

I painted on two big blue eyes
and then a great big grin
and knew it wouldn't be complete
without a dimpled chin.

I love you, paper valentine,
and just between us two,
I hope someday when I grow up
I'll look as sweet as you.

by C.J. Heck

Comments (6)

one of the sweetest poems i have read in a while. warm regards, ~dana~
This poem is so darn sweet I think I got a cavity just reading it! lol Love your work. Keep 'em coming. S
The children of the world will love this poem CJ WELL DONE Warm regards AJS
This is delightful! Chrissie
I love your poet's valentine - and just between us two, I hope to you, it looks like me; to me, it looks like you...
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