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Ode To Broken Spirit

Where do I start?
And what do I say?
How do I express
How much I pray,
That you would understand
And that you would know,
How much I truly care
But how I can’t show
My feelings deep down,
My feelings inside,
My feelings I wish
I didn’t need to hide.
Seeing you hurting
And seeing you cry,
Makes me wish
I could roll over and die.
And since I can’t be there,
The situation won’t let me close,
There’s almost no reason to live,
I should just overdose.
But if we’re so different,
And not meant to be,
Then why can’t I forget you,
And you forget me?
I can honestly say I love you,
But I just need you to know,
That giving you up is different,
Than letting you go.

by Lost Butterfly

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