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Ode To Deborah Lee

Candles cast a pleasant light. When they burn bright
They mesmerize in radiant display.
They guide us in the darkness of the night
And sparkle and enchant us in the day.
With pulsing heartbeats in golden flames
They warmly grace our thoughts and calm our souls.
Though winds of constant change may call their names
Their memories burn bright as life unfolds;
And everywhere we go we feel them still.
Their heat flames the kiln that fires the clay.
They gleam and glow on snow upon the hill
And shine on bees and flowers in early May.
Jewels of dew are lit by them in morning thrill.
They laugh and dance in oceans' moonlit plays.
Then wave in streamers of the northern lights
And smile and promise us, in rainbows' rays.

A brilliant vision, you gather to this day
Shafts of sunbeams, to guide and give away.

Until we meet again
Sweet Deborah Lee
Golden Bee of the glenn
Shine bright, and safe, and free....

by Sarah L. Johnsen

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