Sonnet: My Moringa Tree

My life too looks like the Moringa tree,
That continues to live amidst its foes;
The sun Tho’ good, scorches mercilessly;
The wind and Milliepedes are its main woes.

And every time it puts forth leaves so green;
And boughs that grow rapidly all over;
The wind trims down its size to make it lean;
Big branches break; so does the crown-cover.

The Millipedes attack relentlessly;
Within a few days time, it turns leaf-free
The sun joining the fray, blazes the tree;
Except the rain, behave all ruthlessly.

The tree however, refuses to die!
And grows again most luxuriantly and high.


by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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All your obligations have been met in this poem also! Great write Ivor! ! *10* Best regards, Friend Thad