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Ode To Ethyl Vermin

willingness to do this takes a more than a bit of hubris
like my crazy visions
deserve your attention
you probably think you are wasting enough time
on your own

then i consider
maybe rubbernecking my train wreck
might give someone a bit of reprieve
from their own groundless worries

i'm hearing how the earth is heating up
because of our fuel habits
the world is getting hotter and hotter
while we keep using more and more
until we run out completely
problem solved

she will always have her balance
we are here by her grace
we barely pock her complextion
we are the delecate ones
not her
we wil solve this discomfort
against our frailness
and hunger
most likely it will be uglier
more destructive
than it is now
we will hail it as progress
while she spins

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A contemporary issue so well expressed. I like your style Anjana