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Ode To Friends
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Ode To Friends

Poem By Shiloh Thompson

*Author Note* This suddenly popped into my head. I've been going through some rebirth feelings right now with starting over in a new state. I went through some pretty rough stuff before the move, and so it is all coming out in what one of my friends would call an 'emo' manner... No matter, I enjoy writing, so if my poems seem a little redundant, that's why. Thanks!

Anger and passion
Hate wells up
Inside of my
Heart my body
And soul screaming
For revenge against
Crimes done to me

Rage lashes out
Connects with a
Solid thump a
Weak blow to the
Flesh rather than the
Soul I want to hurt
But I miss my mark

Calm acceptance
No denial in
Eyes gray as
A storm rolling
Across the lake
No remorse and
No regret I can see

Reeling back
That hand descended
Connected with flesh
Stinging burning
No No one lays
A hand against me
Not ever never

Blood spills across
White flesh so
Pure now marred by
Hatred towards the
One I had loved
But no longer feel
Anything towards

The question lingers
In the air so still
Stay here with the
One I feel nothing for
Can’t move can’t
Breathe shock seeps
Cold into my heart

Cannot stay here
Must leave, to get
Away from this
Life so cruel and
Heartless so lonely
Although it is full
Of people who love me

Numb feeling draining
My strength as the phone
Rings on that last night
I feel nothing as I hear
Your voice over the line
Nothing at all no regret
As you hang up in rage

In the car driving
Away from all that
Is familiar to me
Leaving behind that
Feeling of helplessness
Forever freeing myself
From the animosity I felt

Calmly surveying
My new domain
A new home for
A new life starting
Over again in this
Place so unfamiliar
But yet so familiar

Seeking the right
Path for myself
In this new place
Feeling alone again
But not afraid for
I know things are
Still better than there

Stupid project
Seemingly pointless
Pairing up to explore
A place I already know
Together with a
Person I don’t know

Kindness reaching out
To me in my loneliness
Nice conversation with
This odd boy I have
Never noticed before
See you around maybe
Sometime soon please

Curiosity venturing
Out of the room to the
Room in the sky
Music playing so
Familiar reminding me
Of home and a sense
Of community here

There he sat that boy
Who reached out
Smiling and waving
Towards me nodding
Back uncertainly
What does he want
From this loner

A surprise comment
A startling discussion
Feeling happy for
The first time in a while
Smiling and laughing
So hard I nearly cry
Are we now friends

Talking and laughing
Joking around and
Belonging to a
Group he smiles
At me and I talk to
Him alone maybe there
Is something there

Cuddled up heart
Bursting with happiness
Laughter echoes across
Room at the goofy
Antics of new friends
Friends like family
Brothers and sisters

Belonging again
To something bigger
Than myself laughing
Hard and finally feeling
Happiness I have never
Felt before have I
Finally come home

Shock at the sound
Of his voice again
Over the phone
Gentle this time
Apologizing for
Past wounds not yet
Healed on my heart

Will I come back
When I go to see my
Family will I come do
I promise that I will
See you and just sit
And talk when I
Visit the house

No promises made
Regret seeps into my
Life yet the happiness
Combats it and wins
Love was lost in this
And I fear it won’t
Ever come back

My true self revealed
Happy and bright
Like never before
Strength and hope
Returning for good
Thank you those who
Made this possible

Friendship and
That feeling of
Belonging is
Cherished in my
Heart and I wish to
Express my thanks
To each of you

Life would not
Have been possible
For me without all
Of you helping
Pull me towards paths
Of light and happiness
Bless you all

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Comments (2)

I had a feeling that was what happened. Keep it up and don't hold back. A wise man once said 'Thank you for the tragedy, I need it for my art.' Grow from it.
Very nice indeed and so full of emotions, You've covered the scale in this write. Thanks Shiloh for shareing this emotionaly packed piece 'Keep on inking the Pages' Poison