Ode To Jammy

Poem By Elsa Bear

i find myself unable to write anymore
my pain is almost evaporated
beacause you love me.
i write from my pain,
from the depths of my past,
i write with honesty that i sometimes can't show.
i hope that you read and understand me better,
my emptiness,
the loneliness you've almost cured.
i'll always want my parents back
i'll always resent the ways in which they've crippled me,
and i'll always hate the brown house,
simply because it isn't home,
but some how it all seems so trivial and meaningless
when i'm with you.
but then,
after a long goodbye,
you're gone
and 12 hours of loneliness follows
and i sit
and wallow
and lament over your absence.
our picture on my wall
makes me smile at the happiness in the mountains,
when there were no worries,
no stress,
but you,
and el beardo.

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