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Ode To Liz

Vivid memories bounce round my head,
Of times that I’ve shared with you;
Some of them good, some of them bad,
But we’ve always seen them through.

It started off with our friendship group,
The great and wonderful “Guys! ”
Beeky, Tori, you and I,
Within it true friendship lies.

There have been some additions since:
The fabulous party crew,
Though hardly platonic, they’re all great friends,
And we’ve stuck together like glue.

In the boy’s school play, the words “oh Simon! ”
Lingered on your lips;
But we soon learnt to “Get a grip! ”
From Barty’s acting tips.

And dear old choir, admittedly
In going we had no choice –
Still we’ve learned to never
“Look in that tone of voice! ”

Oh it’s true, we’ve had some fun,
We’ve made some amazing mates.
They sometimes have their uses too,
Like lower tuck shop rates!

In a year’s time, I guess that
We’ll be going separate ways.
But I’ll always be there for you,
In my heart you’ll always stay.

My loving, caring, compassionate friend,
Thanks for you I’ll always pray.
I love you loads, so make sure you have
Your deserved amazing day!

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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