Ode To Mabi Moonde

It's one word that has never gratified me;
So I took time to look it up;
I needed to comfort myself with a fore conclusion,
Alas I failed to find the meaning I was hoping for.
I was and maybe still left confused.
I find myself in a cyclone state of contused pain,
Unable to contend life without you.
Mabi (my Boo) our journey was just teething.
Is it right for woman to go before man?
Each day I spent with you at the Hospital
Presented hope that you'd soon awake from your slumber.
When it looked brighter it became dark,
Taken in broad day light.
Am tormented, torn, bruised,
Was there more I could have done?
Was our collective attempt too shallow to save you?
Are there any answers to my questions?
What is life? Are we here?
What is existence when substance is not felt?
Mabi, you never got angered,
You were always the happy one,
Your light shone in so many lives you touched,
You were a beacon of hope to many…truly a lighthouse;
You touched us all, each in a special way.
Am left mourning without warning.
Am comforted by the love radiating right now
But then it will phase out
My turning and tossing will have new meaning;
That has no meaning.
Had I known the outcome
I'd trade places with you (you were the better parent between us)
A pillar to the family.
You were the anchor that made our house a home…..
And the KIDS would proclaim,
Mummy you're the best!
They learnt that through the care you gave them.
Do I have anger?
That I won't see me in your bright eyes?
That our eyes will never lock
In blissful moments of togetherness.
Do I have anger?
That my shared life is tatters?
That I can only behold your resounding laughter with closed eyes?
Do I have anger?
That my Boo has passed on 3 months before her 35th Birthday?
That she has departed a year before our 10th Anniversary?
Do I have anger?
For many other untold happy times or those that were to come?
Or the few sad moments?
No, not one iota of it,
Mabi, you never had anger but love;
And love is what has brought us gathered in this manner.
You were full of life,
Never a dull moment
Every day was worth looking forward to,
Space and time has had its way over our happy indulgency.
Am forever indebted for the opportunity
I have had sharing the decade + with you my boo.
Am a better person because of you.
Our chemistry was flawless.
Curtain call, lights out this should not have been part of the script.
The memories of you won't die;
Take heed you shall always be a part of how we live.
I loved you in life and I carry that till we meet again.

by Denny Moonde

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