'I Missed You Today! '

When it gets like this,
And snow drifts outside pile.
Separating us,
Between 'mountains'...
For just a short while.
I gaze out of the window,
With a protective wish!
Hoping I am in your heart...
And my touch,
When we are apart...
You also miss.

When I am alone at home,
Wanting to feel you near.
I play the songs we love,
With lyrics I hear so clear.
And just as sunset approaches,
Upon this scene!
The tingling begins.
A slow smile turns into a grin!
The door unlocks.
My loneliness for you stops.
I dropp everything and rush to you.
No longer are we 'hidden'!
We are together.
Within each other's view!

I hum and sing.
That's how much to me you mean!
I can't get enough of you...
These days,
It seems.

'I missed you today! '

I've been so busy.
That's why I hadn't called!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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