Ode To Mommy's Summer Vacation

I've read 100 ways to have fun with my kids…some cost money…some are free
We will enjoy every second we're together…it will be the best summer in history!

The day is finally here…I've created a 10 week activity chart
I pick my three girls up from school ‘cause I can't wait for this summer to start.

My children sleep until eleven…so we missed our first activity in June.
None of them are fully dressed and we don't eat breakfast until noon.

I try to wash the breakfast dishes…I want my uncluttered kitchen restored
but two of my girls are fighting…and the other says she's bored.

So I referee the two fighting and tell the other to find something to do
I beg them to finish getting dressed…they don't…and we don't eat lunch till two.

Once again I try to clean the dishes…but I hear "Mommy this" and "Mommy that! "
and I wonder for a moment: Are these the same children I begat!

Then I see my chart upon my wall…What did I plan today?
I can't remember!
and I realize the dishes won't get clean…until late August or September.

But I start thinking of all the activities I've planned…all the fun that still awaits
So I load my three girls in the car…and head off to buy paper plates.

I have made it a point not to swear in front of my children and I haven't made one threat…
but we're not even out of the driveway when I hear,
Mom…Mommy…Mom…are we close to being there yet?

And they begin to fight in the back seat…again I try to referee
but I soon realize there are three of them…an only one of me.

We somehow make it back home…just when I think my sanity's restored
two of my girls are fighting again…and the other is still bored…

And again I have to ask myself…are these children really mine…
as we eat dinner on our paper plates…and it's now about half past nine.

Next it's time to get ready for bed…this should be an easy path
but all of a sudden they're not tired…
they're still hungry…
and they don't think they need a bath.

I finally get them into bed…I think perhaps by now they're sleeping
and I stop in my exhaustion in front of the chart I have been keeping.

I had over 50 activities planned…if I'm lucky we'll do five
at this point when I think about summer vacation…I'm just hoping I survive.

Then I hear a commotion in the bedroom…
they haven't been sleeping at all
And now I see three screaming children…
running at me down the hall…

So I rip down my beautiful hand-made chart
replace it with a calendar…and then…
I circle the date when summer ends…
and they're back in school again!

by Jim Yerman

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