Ode To My Crab

Poem By Babette Teeth

I feel a bit faint while you're just in front of me
I hold you tightly on my palms
To tell you that you're so lovely
ever forever in my heart
My honey, I will not forget about you once in a while
For seconds
To tell you that you're everything to me
Time can do nothing to my memory of your glory
It's some words they say I heard disgustly ever forever
Your style your lovely foreverly resides in my heart
My darling my little flower
You're the sunshine from the early spring
I caught you from the deep sea
and brought you near to my lips
You swim in my glass plate
too close to my chin
Though so near why do I feel we're so far away
Your wet mouth and my terribly huge lips
A blow of wind could carry your fear away
But my dear, I will show you how the magic of foreverly crying
replace the sunshine in your heart
I felt every piece of your wet skin, is it crying for me? is it kind of longing?
You dropp trickles of water from your breathing
While I dropp my salty tears, is it like the sea?
You're the thing that cannot speak
He's the only person that ever loved a girl's crying
Is it me you can once kissed my cheek, my lips?
Those things once was my privilege
Is it the reason that I should hide away from you?
No, what I don't believe foreverly don't,
You think you can change people's opinion, failed on me
No, I hold you tightly into my palms
You felt the terrible temperature which you cannot stand for living
I don't expect that you would live long
You would finally die in my hands, under the chewing of my tooth
Honey, after my final touch, give you death

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