Ode To My Grandmother

Poem By Xaint Perry Poet

Oh painfull dream
what have you done
you sink me into the miry depth
where there is no foot hold
i have come into deep sea
the flood engulf me
iam worm out called for help
my throat is parched
my eyes failing looking
for my grandmama
those whose hate me
withoutreason outnumber
the hair of my head
many are my enemies without cause
many seek my downfall
iam force to restore
what i did not do

life is harded everyday
when i wake up to one
without you in my bedside
there are many question
i would have love to ask you
but you were take away
by that debt collection
all bird are whisper
meaning unknown
I begin to whisper
with meaning

in your absence
my bones have no sound
my mind pound
and my strengt fail
even the light in my eyes
has gone out
iam like deafman
who cannot hear
like mute who cannot open
his mouth to make become llike
a man who does not hear
whose mouth cannot offer a word
calabash seek the support of
the river

i never forget you word
of couragement love care
and understand toward me
you once told me
i will be a better person in
the future
i believe in you so much
you was angel sent by God
to guide methrought life
situation but evil took
you away

grandmama? Grandmama?
Why have you gone so early
when i still a cripple
who will teach me
the knowledge i never
learn from you
everynight i still battle
with water nightmare
iam like shadow wind

o evil you may my days
vanish like the evening flowers
my soul burn like glowing ember
my heart is blighted
and withered like grass
i forget to eat my food
because of my loud trouble
iam reduce to dust and dirty
iam like desert owl
like am owl among ruins
i have become like a bird alone
on a roof
all day along my fear taunt me
those who know hate my present
for i eat dirty as my diet
and mingle my water with tears
beause of your absence
for you take me up and thrown me away
my day has become
like the evening shadow
i witherd away like dead grass

i seek you
my soul thirst after you
my spirit search for you
in a dry and weary land
were there is no water
everynight on my bed
i think of you throuh
the watches of the night
because of your care

who will be my grandmother
who will support me
when the world left me
who will advice me
when am down
what a pity
i lies awake like
thorne witout king
like soul without a dream

grandmother Grandmother
Why gone so soon
to land of no return
farewell grandmother

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