Ode To My Muse

her hair is like fire
her essence is blue
her eyes are saphire
her soul a green hue

music pours from her
like hymns from the heavens
poems of silver
and biblical sevens

immense words of power
flow from her being
in her dark tower
her eyes are all seeing

she wrenches free
from the pain in her heart
just like a tree
with leaves torn apart

she's sent here to heal us
to free us from pain
she sings to remind us
again and again

she is just here
for a short time
to free us from fear
with magical rhyme

her words all gushing
throughout your brain
messages rushing
to keep you all sane

next time you hear her
sit up and note
always remember
to let yourself float

down to the river
out into the sea
there she'll deliver
your soul to be free

by Brian Routh

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