Ode To My Regrets.

Confusion rips through me even now,
when I think on you my first regret,
on how quickly love can turn into hate,
after these years the hate we wont forget.

The hate is what confuses me the most,
for I can't seem to find its deep root,
only love strong enough to bring me to tears,
but I'll never reveal to, for the point is moot.

My next regret was over before it had a chance,
ended when my short emotional attention strayed,
and no matter what you say, we can't go back,
we'll just never know the kind of couple we made.

Third regret causes me to split in thirds,
one of me holds deep resentment still,
one wishes to move on and be friends as before,
then an intense burning desire I must fight with all my will.

Wondering what if, or how it could've been,
but I know it would've always turned out wrong,
because had it had lasted just a little while longer,
you could've never loved someone like me for long.

Its taken me two months to realize,
letting someone as amazing as you,
become regret four, and possibly the worst,
turning yet another December cold and blue.

I think back all the time and wonder,
why couldn't we work it out? Why weren't we happy?
And why this ache in my chest when I see true love?
But its ok, cause in the end, you're better off without me.

by J.D. Crockett

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