Ode To My Wife

In a world of many wonders
I ne’er expect to see
A lass who’ll hold my fancy
As bountifully as thee

You came to me in springtime
And now it’s nearing fall
Our autumn time together
Should be the best of all

The little ones are grown now
With young ones of their own
And even those are at the age
To be out on their own

One day there’ll be a new crop
Of wee ones coming on
They’ll bring their hugs and kisses
To “Great” Memaw and Pepaw

Copyright: C R Clark -10/31/07

by C R Clark

Comments (9)

well done..you keep me interested from end to end. a nice tribute to your wife.. You must be a happy family, with the Lord, your center in your life. God bless you Hugs from here, Meggie
Your great tribute to your beloved wife and family humming with your children, grandchildren and great grands envying for a kiss. CP
A Loving Tribute to your wife. Heartwarming, I like your writing very much....10
Hello again poet friend and this is a beautiful read and wonderful tribute to your loving wife. Great work! Loyd
Very well said and expressed. i liked the way you used seasons to represent different stages in life. my 10
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