Ode To Myself

Lonely soul
dripping salty liquids
through her eyes
bowing her head in shame
for she is ashamed of who
she's not
a woman of the world
like everyone else
like everyone wants her to be
by herself she always stays
longing to be with the rest
like the rest
she remains alone
her hands shake
as an earthquake would
as she dreams of the way
she would like her life to be
friends all around
people all around
a reality
far from her own
is what she longs for
poor, lonely soul
her body quivers
her salty liquids drip
her mind wanders
she wonders why...
why does she have to be the
only one
the only one
left in the fields of
when everyone else
has something to hold on to
she doesn't...

by Kay Allen

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Open your door go to the bottom of your garden and let a small insect crawl on to the palm of your hand and you will notice that nothing else matters as much.Love Duncan