Ode To Nancy

There once was a clerk that wanted to play house.
She grew tired of working and complained to her spouse.
She begged and she pleaded for many a year-
He finally got tired of her bending his ear.
He said, "Quit if you want, stay at home and rest.
I'll work extra hard and we'll just do our best."
The girl began to giggle, to yell, and to scream...
"Somebody pinch me, this must be dream."
She ran to the office with pen in hand,
She screamed, "Give me those papers—I've had all I can stand."
She signed all the forms and sighed with relief.
Didn't she know she would cause us much grief?
We cried and we begged, "Please change your mind."
She said, "It's too late. The papers are signed."
So, with her decision we'll have to live-
We'll tell her goodbye, our blessings we'll give.
She'll know that she's loved by everyone here-
Because we could never replace this woman so dear...
We love you, Nancy.

by Lynne Barker

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