The Life Beyond

ALTHOUGH its features fade in light of unimagined bliss,
We have shadowy revealings of the Better World in this.

A little glimpse, when Spring unveils her face and opes her eyes,
Of the Sleeping Beauty in the soul that wakes in Paradise.

A little drop of Heaven in each diamond of the shower,
A breath of the Denial in the fragrance of each flower!

A little low vibration in the warble of Night's bird,
Of the praises and the music that shall be here after heard!

A little whisper in the leaves that clap their hands and try
To glad the heart of man, and lift to Heaven his grateful eye!

A little semblance mirrored in old Ocean's smile or frown
Of His vast glory who doth bow the Heavens and come down!

A little symbol shining through the worlds that move at rest
On invisible foundations of the broad Almighty breast!

A little hint that stirs and thrills the wings we fold within,
And tells of that full heaven yonder which must here begin!

A little springlet welling from the fountain-head above,
That takes its earthly way to find the ocean of all love!

A little silver shiver in the ripple of the river
Caught from the light that knows no night for ever and for ever!

A little hidden likeness, often faded or defiled,
Of the great, the good All-father, in His poorest human child!

Although the best be lost in light of unimagined bliss,
We have shadowy revealings of the Better World in this.

by Gerald Massey

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To court thee to Britannia's arms! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A great write by Phillis Wheatley👍👍👍
Ths young poetess was on a wonderful journey that was cut so short.
A beautiful ode this is with lots of poetic words and prases. There is a formality here as the one seen in the poems of this kind by some of the old masters. I content with the rhyme and the choice of words which are superb. Luis Estable
A beautiful poem that likes.
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