God Of Love And God Of Compassion

God Of Love And God Of Compassion

God of love and God of compassion
You are Lord of all
Not willing that any should perish
But that on Thee all may call
The truth revealed in Jesus Christ
The Word becoming flesh
You loved your world with such a love
You gave of your Son to bless

He the Gift that keeps on giving
His Spirit brings to light
Every soul that seeks the Saviour
Is rescued from his darkest night
When sin is repented with a broken heart
How precious in God's sight
To the glory of God our praises
We rejoice in His delight

Be ye reconciled to God
Make haste to find His Way
There is Salvation in none other
He's the same as yesterday
Today, and forever,
We find true hope in Him
What a Saviour... Hallelujah
O praise His precious name!

God of love and God of compassion
We thank You for your grace
Who gives each sinner opportunity
To seek Thy blessed face
And know the love of God in Christ
That's found in Him alone
That has power to deliver us from sin
And present us faultless before Thy Throne

Copyright June 23 2018 10: 49pm

Gary James Smith

by Gary James Smith

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