NC (October 20,1975 / Philippines)

Ode To New Year

New Year! New Year!
What a surprise you bring
Everytime you come
People are cheering
You replace the old
As you bring the new
People let go of the past
As they welcome you
They celebrate your coming
With so much ado

New Year! New Year
The bells are ringing
The fireworks are lighted
The night sky is blazing
Bright lights are twinkling
The people are cheering
Auld lang Syne is sung
As they toast to your coming

New Year! New Year!
What surprise would you bring
As the old year roll away
To accomodate your coming
What blessings are in store
In the twelve months that you have
Will you bless us with fortune
Or bring tears to our eyes

New year! New Year!
Whatever is in your sleeve
People are happy
To welcome you with cheers
You give them hope
As you bring in the new
May you be kind to all
Let your blessings flow

by Nudershada Cabanes

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