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Ode To Our Beloved Husky &Quot;Vodka&Quot;
BEV ( / Plattsburgh, New York)

Ode To Our Beloved Husky &Quot;Vodka&Quot;

Poem By Beate E. Verterano

Eyes so blue and face of white,
Brave protector in dark of night.
Companion, playmate, guard and mother,
Could speak to her master like none other.
With greeting howls at each door,
Now heard in memory evermore.
Here sleeps Vodka safe and warm,
Undisturbed by snowy storm.
The ice has melted from her toes,
Her white face dry of winter snows.
In slumber now she dreams of fields,
And snowy hills to her swift legs yield.
Beneath the firs on forest floor,
Her shadow dances for evermore.

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